Astell&Kern has today released firmware 1.10 for A&ultima SP1000, A&ultima SP1000M and A&futura SE100. On the 4th of October 2018, we published the news of Astell&Kern adding new features to its High-Resolution Portable Line.

Astell&Kern High-Resolution Portable Audio Line

The firmware 1.10 for A&ultima SP1000, A&ultima SP1000M and A&futura SE100 bring alignment of functionalities to the top 3 models of its High-Resolution Portable Line with the addition of the Virtual back button, Open APP service function (aka OpenAPK)  to the A&ultima SP1000 and A&futura SE100 as well as the Deezer APP service for all three models.

Players supporting the Open APP service will be able to install the official Tidal Android app which will bring offline content support to Astell&Kern players.  Offline content can be saved to internal player memory or external memory card. It has been updated on the Open APP support page that the Open APP service will be supported on the A&norma SR15 which is great news for A&norma SR15 owners.

Other enhancement features such as MQA and Roon support will be made available later this year through firmware updates.

Users of A&ultima SP1000, A&ultima SP1000M and A&futura SE100 can now update to firmware 1.10 via Wi-Fi and refer to the Astell&Kern’s FAQ page on Using the Open APP Service.


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