Sound Quality

The TE-D01i features a single 6mm dynamic driver with a graphene-coated diaphragm. Coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX codec support, the TWS is theoretically capable of delivering CD-like audio quality supporting up to 48 kHz / 16-bit LPCM audio data.

The TE-D01i exhibits coherence across the frequencies, providing a well-balanced output from the sub-bass to ultra-high frequencies.

At the low-end, the sub-bass was warm and soft all the way up 60 Hz, vibration is smooth but soft. It can be felt but the sense of contrast is low. Moving up to the lower-mids, there is the presence of depth but a distinct lack of definition, details and decay.

AVIOT TE-D01i True Wireless Stereo

The TE-D01i depicts a natural presence to the vocals, piano, cymbal, and strings at the mid-range, translating to better sound imaging on the sound-stage. There is a slight bump at 3 kHz, which is in the middle of the upper mid-range, further enhancing presence without causing listening fatigue.

The high frequencies starting from 4 kHz seemed suppressed, allowing the mid-range to be brought to the front with transparency, which is positive for vocals, female vocals in particular though lacking in sparkle and airiness.

Depicting a warm and laid back sound signature, the TWS suitable for various genres. It is an all-rounder with a good sound-stage that is wide enough with presence to allow accurate sound imaging for rather enjoyable listening that is not fatiguing for long hours.

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Part 2: Usability
Part 3: Sound Quality
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