SPEAR Labs, LLC. (SPEAR Labs) is the latest entrepreneurial venture of Dale Lott who previously founded Aurisonics, Inc. in 2011, a company specialising in building custom In-Ear Monitors for musicians. In under 5 years, Aurisonics not only went global with its offerings but also caught the attention of Fender and was subsequently acquired by the iconic brand in October of 2015. As part of the acquisition deal, Dale joined Fender as VP for Product Development on a 3-years contract where he continues his work in the development of high-end In-Ear Monitors and Bluetooth earphones.

Dale Lott

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, its sting is long-lasting. So at the end of his contract with Fender, he made a decision to return to his entrepreneurial roots and founded SPEAR Labs.

SPEAR Labs Logo

How did the name SPEAR Labs come along? This was the first question that I had for Dale when I first got to know about his latest entrepreneurial effort. “SPEAR stands for Special Products for the EAR, to make products in three markets namely Consumer, ODM and the Military. All with a focus of In-Ear.”, shared Dale.

With the Prosumer identified as SPEAR Lab‘s launch market, Dale relentlessly explored radical new ideas and attempted to realise them with rare natural materials in pursuance of offering a new benchmark in the listening experience. An experience enabled by Dale’s newly developed Triton technology which revolves around a trinity of drivers couple with a trinity of materials. All will be unveiled at the Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show 2019 tomorrow.

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