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Tralucent Audio Ref GEN 3

Tralucent Audio Ref GEN 3 Review

Tralucent Audio Ref GEN 3, which succeeds the Tralucent Audio Ref 1 as the brand's Flagship was announced at the Hong Kong High-End AV Show 2019 in August 2019, making it...
FiiO AM3D Amplifier Module

FiiO AM3D Amplifier Module Review

Introduced when FiiO first introduced the X7 in 2015, the company was one of the first to patent and implement an interchangeable expansion module on a digital audio player (DAP). Since...
Sony MDR-1AM2 Closed-back Headphones

Sony MDR-1AM2 Headphones Review

Known for its comfort and excellent sound quality, the MDR-1A was a favourite amongst the affordable premium range of wired closed-back headphones. A segment the MDR-1 series is positioned at since its inception...
Sony MDR-Z7M2

Sony MDR-Z7M2 Unveiled

Sony has unveiled the MDR-Z7M2 closed-back headphones, successor to the highly acclaimed MDR-Z7 which was first released back in 2014 at IFA Berlin. The MDR-Z7M2 features all-rounded improvements over its predecessor and...
Sony IER-M7 & IER-M9

Sony unveils first offerings to the In-Ear Stage Monitor Headphones market

Sony unveiled two new premium in-ear stage monitor headphones, the IER-M7 and IER-M9. Developed to monitor even musical expression with the addition of tone colour and rhythm, the two models are...
Sony IER-Z1R

Sony rejuvenates Signature Series

Sony announced the IER-Z1R In-Ear Headphones and DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player, two new products that rejuvenate and expands its Signature Series. The two products harness decades of audio expertise, proudly showcasing Sony’s...

Sony announces the MDR-1AM2 headphones

Sony announces the MDR-1AM2, successor to the acclaimed MDR-1A headphones that was launched in 2014. The 1AM2 brings a host of new and improved features, building on the success of its predecessor.   The Hi-Res...