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Elysian Acoustic Labs Line-up

The presence of Elysian Acoustic Labs at the Tokyo Headphone Festival 2019 Autumn was a surprise, I remembered seeing Lee Quan Min during the KL AV Show in 2018. Back then, the company was a small start-up in Malaysia, a one-man setup doing custom IEMs and re-shelling at the side. Back then, I provided him with my honest comments of his IEMs.

Kudos to Lee Quan Min, he took my comments positively and a year later, he not only carved out his own niche but also built a fan base in Japan. Confidently, he invited me again to listen to his current offerings and I was not disappointed. I would like to mention about the Annihilator, the current Flagship.

Being a participant of the Foster Alliance Program, Elysian Acoustic Labs implemented Foster’s Dynamic Driver with 2 Knowles’ Balanced Armature Drivers, 2 Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers and 2 Electrostatic Drivers with a 4-way crossover. Elysian Acoustic Labs also joined the increasing number of manufacturers to adopt the new Pentaconn Ears connector in place of the traditional 2-pin 0.78mm connector.

Product Specifications

Driver:1 Dynamic Driver
4 Balanced Armature Drivers
2 Electrostatic Drivers
Frequency Response:10Hz – 40khz
Sensitivity:110dB SPL 1mW

Elysian Acoustic Labs Annihilator


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