Lotoo PAW S1

Lotoo has a habit of unveiling prototypes at the Tokyo Headphone Festival. During the 2019 Spring Festival, the company showcased the prototype of its mid-tier PAW 6000 Portable Audio Player. At the 2019 Autumn Festival, the company unveiled the PAW S1, a portable DAC amplifier featuring a USB-Type C Port, allowing for compatibility with multiple operating systems iOS/Android/PC/Mac via OTG cables.

Possibly the first offering to feature a 4.4mm Balanced jack alongside a 3.5mm Single-ended jack, the company has shared that the DAC and amplifier circuit designed is a true balanced design with the Pentaconn 4.4mm jack implemented procured from Nippon Dics Co., Ltd.

Measuring 65mm (L) x 21mm (W) x 13mm (H) and weighing in at 25g, the PAW S1 will sport a full aluminium casing with an OLED display. The portable DAC amplifier has a built-in DSP, supports a sampling rate of up to 32bit, 384kHz, DSD via DoP up to DSD128 as well as the company’s proprietary PMEQ and ATE functions.

The PAW S1 portable DAC amplifier is expected to be officially released to the market in Q1 2020 with pricing to be confirmed.

Lotoo PAW S1


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